Meridian 2010


' Copyright (c) 2021 ActivePDF, Inc.
' ActivePDF Meridian 2010
' Example generated 03/05/21 

Imports System

' Make sure to add the ActivePDF product .NET DLL(s) to your application.
' .NET DLL(s) are typically found in the products 'bin' folder.

Public Class Examples
  Sub Example()
    Dim strPath As String, intWait As Integer

    strPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory

    ' Instantiate Object
    Dim oMER As APMeridian.Meridian = New APMeridian.Meridian()
    ' Specify the IP address and Port to use to reach the Meridian Server
    oMER.StartRemoteClient("", 54545)
    ' In order to know which print job belongs to which process you must
    ' specify the process and thread ID of the printing application
    ' being that the printing is happening within this script we can use
    ' -1 values which means the process and thread ID's of this script
    oMER.SetProcessAndThread(-1, -1)
    ' Specify the remote path to the Meridian printer
    ' This printer must be added locally to the system that will be printing
    oMER.ModelPrinter = "\\\Meridian"
    ' Path and filename of the created PDF
    oMER.OutputDirectory = strPath
    oMER.NewDocumentName = "TestPrint.pdf"
    ' Prepare to start the printing process
    ' At this point send the print job to the printer, as this is a test
    ' we call the 'Test' method to send an internal print job
    oMER.Test("Hello World")
    ' End the printing process
    ' Wait(seconds) for job to complete
    intWait = oMER.Wait(30)
    If intWait <> 0 Then
      ErrorHandler("Wait", intWait)
    End If
    ' Release Object
    oMER = Nothing
    ' Process Complete
  End Sub
  ' Error Handling
  ' Error messages written to debug output
  Sub ErrorHandler(ByVal strMethod, ByVal RtnCode)
    WriteResults(strMethod + " error:  " + rtnCode.ToString())
  End Sub
  ' Write output data
  Sub WriteResults(content As String)
    ' Choose where to write out results
    ' Debug output
    'System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("ActivePDF: * " + content)
    ' Console
    ' Log file
    'Using tw = New System.IO.StreamWriter(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory & "application.log", True)
    '   tw.WriteLine("[" + DateTime.Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss") + "]: => " + content)
    'End Using
  End Sub
End Class

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