Meridian 2010


# Copyright (c) 2021 ActivePDF, Inc.
# ActivePDF Meridian 2010
# Example generated 04/11/21 

require 'win32ole'

# Get current path
strPath = File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__)) + "\\"

# Instantiate Object
oMER ="APMeridian.Object")

# Specify the IP address and Port to use to reach the Meridian Server
oMER.StartRemoteClient('', 58585)

# In order to know which print job belongs to which process you must
# specify the process and thread ID of the printing application
# being that the printing is happening within this script we can use
# -1 values which means the process and thread ID's of this script
oMER.SetProcessAndThread(-1, -1)

# Specify the remote path to the Meridian printer
# This printer must be added locally to the system that will be printing
oMER.ModelPrinter = '\\\Meridian'

# Path and filename of the created PDF
oMER.OutputDirectory = strPath
oMER.NewDocumentName = 'TestPrint.pdf'

# Prepare to start the printing process

# At this point send the print job to the printer, as this is a test
# we call the 'Test' method to send an internal print job
oMER.Test('Hello World')

# End the printing process

# Wait(seconds) for job to complete
intWait = oMER.Wait(30)
if intWait != 0
  puts "Error in Wait: #{intWait}"

# Release Object
oMER = ''

# Process Complete
puts "Done!"

Copyright © 2021 ActivePDF, Inc